About Us

Traditionally in the United Kingdom property buyers have no representation, the Estate Agent represents the Seller, the seller hold the Estate Agent's fee. The Estate Agent's only interest and ultimate goal is to make a sale at the highest possible price.

This is where BuyersEdge UK comes in, we represent the buyer and have a financial interest and incentive in securing the property for our customers, the buyers, at the lowest possible price.

Apart from the negotiation process BuyersEdge also offer a simple and comprehensive property find service, many of our customers either are too busy to troll through perspective properties with the intention of visiting them, do not live locally making it inconvenient to visit properties, live abroad or simply trust our investment advice when it comes to buy to let and flipping property. 

BuyersEdge have a rapidly growing representation of oversees buyers and have now helped buyers in over 35 different countries secure properties in the UK.