Services and Pricing

At Buyers Edge we are totally transparent with our pricing.


Property Find only: £1450 + VAT Prepayment - 3 months - Shortlist of 24 properties - Up to 12 Properties viewed on your behalf with video and report.


Property Find and Negotiation: £999 + VAT Prepayment - (property find as above) - Negotiation fee paid on completion - 10% of any saving off listed price or 1% of total sale price, whichever is greater.


Property Find, Negotiation and Full Acquisition Services: £999 + VAT Prepayment - (property find as above), Negotiation and Acquisition fee paid on completion - 20% of any saving off listed price or 1.5% of total sale price, whichever is greater. Acquisition services - BuyersEdge UK will assist and advise you through the sales process. We will be working with you doing the hardwork, checking legislation putting you in contact with trusted and reliable professionals and making sure the sales process goes as smoothly as possible answering any questions you may have along the way.


Negotiation and Full Acquisition Services: Same as above minus property find fee.